Body care



Beautiful hands are the woman’s best asset. The highest quality creams, conditioners and scrubs will make your skin silky smooth and nourished. Beautiful fragrances and unique ingredients make the holder of even the most demanding hands delight with the treatments. Duration of treatment: 30 minutes.


Properly cared for feet do not cause trouble and can be our decoration. Enjoy aromatic softening baths. Discover the best scrubs and foot care creams. Duration of treatment: 30 minutes.



A unique slimming treatment that at the same time refreshes and improves mood thanks to the aromatic aroma of coffee. Sugar crystals combined with coffee particles will cleanse the skin of dead epidermis cells and improve microcirculation, while shea butter, beeswax, vitamins E and C will smooth, nourish, stimulate and give the skin a healthy look. Serum with caffeine and coffee extract accelerate the breakdown of fat cells and metabolism. Guarana extract enhances their anti-cellulite effect. The intense effect of the serum is manifested by a feeling of warmth and a transient pinking of the skin. Massage based on shea butter with the content of coffee extract firms, stimulates fat burning, helps remove toxins, as well as slims and firms the skin. Duration of treatment: 1 hour.


A body and spirit treatment based on innovative cosmetics, which combine the nutritional properties of goat milk with a wealth of vitamins and minerals contained in Chinese lychee plum extract. The treatment begins with a delicate sugar peeling, then a nutritious serum and mask is applied to the body, and finally a gentle massage with a soothing butter will soothe your senses and deeply relax. The goat’s milk proteins contained in the cosmetics stimulate collagen production ensuring skin firmness and create a protective film on its surface and soothe irritation. Lychee extract contains B group vitamins that accelerate skin cell regeneration and vitamin C, which strengthens the walls of blood vessels. The IRICALMIN complex has a soothing effect, and the pearl extract counteracts damage to the skin caused by the harmful effects of UV rays. After the treatment, the skin remains regenerated, brightened and immaculately smooth. Vegetable oils contained in the peeling: soybean and almond strengthen dry skin. The combination of goat’s milk and lychee fruit regenerates the skin, and the exfoliating sugar crystals reduce their size during massage, thus preventing skin irritation. The serum intensively moisturizes, slightly cools and regulates skin temperature. Duration of treatment: 1 hour.


It’s a sensual journey to the land of aromatic coffee and goat’s milk. The unique combination of active agents cleanses toxins, adds energy and puts you in a good mood. Slimming, firming and regeneration in one! After the treatment, the skin is visibly taut, rejuvenated and radiant. Duration of treatment: 1 hour.


The Spicy ritual stimulates the senses with oriental aromas of spices: chillies, juicy oranges and ginger. Sugar peeling smoothes and improves microcirculation. Aromatic butter with an improved formula and oriental aroma of oranges and spices makes it more elastic and moisturizing. REGU®-AGE rice and soy complex slows down collagen degradation, firms and strengthens the skin. The treatment is based on delicate plant extracts and is intended for all skin types. Duration of treatment: 1 hour.


The grape treatment was based on active ingredients from Mediterranean countries, the extracts it contains effectively prevent skin aging and fight its symptoms. Intense Anti-Agening is a therapy designed for all skin types. The sugar peeling used smoothes, oils the skin, regenerates the serum, prevents aging processes, while shea butter massage prevents, moisturizes. The active ingredients are grape extract rich in minerals, sugars, vitamins, pectins and polyphenol – resveratrol. Protects the skin against infections, oxidative stress and UV rays. The vine extract strengthens the skin’s protective barrier, protects it from irritation. Rosemary extract contains over 20 compounds with antioxidant activity, stimulates microcirculation, strengthens capillaries, improves cell oxygenation. Duration of treatment: 1 hour.


The treatment begins with a body scrub, which frees the skin of impurities accumulated on it. Bora Bora sand in combination with delicate micro-particles exfoliates dead skin and smoothes the skin, MONOI oil helps regenerate the hydrolipid layer, soothes. The next phase of the firming and tightening compress based on Laminaria algae, combined with Spirulina, Ginko Biloba and Algovert®, known for their high content of antioxidants and nutrients. Ginkgo biloba strengthens and tones fragile blood vessels, prevents them from rupture, improving blood circulation. Laminaria Digitata has nourishing and moisturizing properties. It is rich in vitamins, minerals and amino acids. The culmination of the treatment is a massage based on Theobroma Cacao (Cocoa) Seed Butter, which effectively softens, moisturizes and regenerates the skin, cocoa butter has the ability to neutralize free radicals, delaying the aging process. Duration of treatment: 90 minutes.


The first step in this treatment is a massage based on salt peeling with shea butter with an oriental Habibi fragrance. It exfoliates horny epidermis very well and smoothes the skin. Massage based on salt peeling, rich in minerals, stimulates and supports fat burning. Due to these properties, salt scrubs are also great as the first stage of modeling or anti-cellulite treatment. The cleansing effect has been enhanced by adding natural exfoliator particles (black rice particles). Shea butter and coconut and sunflower oils lubricate and soften the skin. The treatment ends with a gentle massage with a nourishing shea butter balm, which immediately moisturizes and nourishes, improves skin firmness and elasticity, strengthens its lipid barrier and protects against harmful external factors. The skin after applying the balm becomes soft, smooth and velvety to the touch. A sensual, enveloping fragrance stays on the skin for a long time. Duration of treatment: 1 hour

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